Best paper award winner at DBM-V to jump world’s highest bungy jump at Macau Tower!!!

In what will likely be a world’s first, the recipient of the Best Paper Award at DBM-V —or a co-delegate he/she nominates— will have the once-in-a-lifetime chance of jumping the world’s highest bungy jump (233m) at the Macau Tower, courtesy of the lead conference host, IFT, in cooperation with A.J. Hackett Macau, the adventure company. Second and third runner-ups for the Best Paper Award will also receive the chance to do the “SkyWalk” and the “Tower Climb” adventures at the Macau Tower, thanks to  the sponsorship of A.J. Hackett Macau. Whoever thought conferences were uninteresting?

See below how this spectacular adventure will play out not only to the excitement of the jumper but to all conference delegates. See you this December in Macau at DBM-V!