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We are issuing a special call for papers to be presented at DBM-V in a session focusing on “The Marketing and Branding of Conflict-Ridden Destinations.” Interested contributors should email papers or proposals to long-time DBM pioneer Erdinç Çakmak of NHTV, who will be chairing this special session (cakmak.e@nhtv.nl).


Political disasters could generate potentially longer negative effect on the marketing of a destination (Beirman, 2001). Although much research within tourism has focused on well-known tourism destinations, few research consider conflict-ridden destinations, which confront greater challenges to achieving destination marketing objectives. Recognizing the greater importance of destination marketing and its programs ( Fyall, Garrod & Wang, 2012), here is a vital opportunity for extending our current knowledge towards conflict-ridden destinations and their marketing challenges and opportunities. In this session the focus will be on the various types of conflict-ridden destinations (see for example Çakmak & Isaac, 2012).
Possible themes:

  • Case studies related to destination marketing and branding in conflict-ridden areas
  • New types of tourism, e.g. political tourism and justice tourism
  • Correcting negative image of conflict-ridden destinations
  • Destination crisis marketing
  • Borderlands
  • Effective destination marketing organisations (DMOs) in conflict-ridden destinations and contested interests of tourism stakeholders

Interested contributors should email their abstract or proposal to Erdinç Çakmak at cakmak.e@nhtv.nl on or before 3 May 2014 to be considered for inclusion in this special session.